Silent, yet flooded with words

I read the story in your eyes.

golden were the words in

the book of love, shredded with pain.

A hope to feel a hand as you walk away,

with tears in my eyes, as I watch you.

love is what you had, priceless was that-

yet you shared with me.

I wished to hold your hand

and feel the warmth in your heart

as the shooting star sparkles out

to make my wish to be true;

A wish to be in heart and soul

with you forever


I date came back,

But it didn’t bring-you along.

I am in my Tuxedo,my hair combed

My oxford shined as if could see

my face in in. The thunder crackled

and the clouds shadowed

the empire of the Jovian king.

I waited with the ‘pino noir’

that I would toast in the name

of your health, of our love.

I ordered the fresh lettuces

For you my dear, it’s the anniversary.

You were all along with me–

Till death did us apart

Looking around i saw —

the azure eyes again.

They were deceptive yet,

I relied on them for—

They said she was mine.

Though a foreign hand seized her.

Her way of captivating me from

Far end hasn’t lost the touch.

The magic still relies in her.

i lured to hear the scorpio nightingale

sing again for me, but she won’t.

the Angel invoked the spirit dead in me;

at dusk_ when the light embraces the dark.

“I fell in love again” with my murderer.

A poem: A Smile

Wish I could put a smile

on you face, as you pass by.

I watch as you dance, feeling

the beats to be alive.

I wait till you look towards me

and wait to have a word to you.

I stretch my hands, pull be over

and brace me in you arms;

where I could feel the warmth of you heart.

I wish to kiss your neck to make

you feel i am there forever.

I am a stranger, I know that well

yet I follow you everywhere; wishing

To put a smile on your face.

O my Deity, I am cursed;

cursed with the poison

which flowed into my veins.

when you breached the oath

you took, you and I together

forever. I was perplexed by your

words, deep inside was a smile that

I finally had you; but you slipped

away again to brace the arms of

my killer. I gave you my heart

leaving my chest void, void of emotions,

just for you to have all there is; my heart

is dumped in the ocean of miseries. Wish-

you had said you loved me ….

A poem- Coffee

The aroma of the coffee beans

The darkness prevail around me

With  pouring from the sky.

The golden shine in my eyes

As I saw the Sylph, pour

The cream in my cup.

As she stirred, her skeptic eyes

Retire me like a stranger

What is so right in her,

That she allure me without a word.

Breathe thou a soul in me,

With a  kiss in my heart.

I guess I am in love,

With the queen of myriad Hearts.

A poem-Angel

I close my eyes and

My face carves a revelation

of a smile, as I think of you.

Why has everything

changed around me?

Why don’t I feel the beats

anymore as I dance?

My eyes pour, but yet don’t

moist the dreary feel in my heart.

I count the minute every time it

passes by me, saying I have none

in my vicinity who can share my pain.

Shattered is my only wish into pieces

—- To be the angel of your dream.