I sit on a stone bench at this fog tinted park
I hear the hoots of the rising owl and a dog bark
The halogen in the vicinity set the world on fire
An illusion of my mind, a vision from a liar

I see a shadow, tall and big walk towards me
A ogre perhaps or even be a banshee
Is this midnight fear that got me scared
Or is it the fog that made me visually impaired?
‘Beautful’ was what I uttered quote unquote
As she made her way in a pink trenchcoat
She sat close to me, in cold she shiver
Her auburn hair, resembled the leaves of the winter

We warm ourselves with some cheap Sparkled Wine
The cupid secretly watched as I then kissed my Valentine


I wish i could feel;

The kiss once I had

On a Ferris Wheel.

we were at the  top

with breathe up high

when the world just stopped

And I just kept praying,

the wheel, my o my!

never come down again.

Up in the sky, so cold and dark

behold the eyes which

outshone the midnight spark

And I kept rolling and tumbling

In love all over again


He embraces you,

You smile with warmth.

He kissed your lips,

your eyes sparkled.

He hold you hands

And made you dance.

I looked from the corner

where the neon made me

invisible to you, your soul.

I am not jealous gazing you;

Seeing you in somebody’s arms,

As you were rather happy

And I was at peace.

I was in a Deja Vu`- he was I.


Oh Jasmine, Don’t make me die.

with your shimmering Saree

In black and sparkles like dew,

on the dawn of a velvet night.

I smelt your hair, which still has

the smell of the tulip I slipped.

You turn around and stride

away from me, making me

watch your hula-hoop back.

I love the moments that followed-

I called your name,you kiss me

which flew all the way

passing a yard,  to punch

Love into my heart.

A Bordeaux in my hand.my lady

in corset pouring sherry in the glass

she had wild looks, i wonder why ?

her lustrous lips torment my mind.

I could feel the sweat

Making its way round my ears.

she looked at me as if;

there’s something she wanted to say.

for a moment i thought

the world would stop and I

keep looking at her velvet eyes;

leaning on her satin soft skin;

let this dream be forever;

don’t come and wake me up.


A randezvous with an angel;
cursed by fate. I wait here
alone watching the crowd.
At the twilight zone I wait
for a sight of her sparkling
hazel eyes, like a loafer downtown.
I cry out but no one literally hears the pain,
the sweet scorpio bonita, drew me close
to her bosoms, hidden by a lilac middy.
I could feel her freezing breath
On this November night
I smile, my eyes eloped with those moments
Pushing me close to a kiss from her
poisoned wine red lips.
Just pour death in my life.

Silent, yet flooded with words

I read the story in your eyes.

golden were the words in

the book of love, shredded with pain.

A hope to feel a hand as you walk away,

with tears in my eyes, as I watch you.

love is what you had, priceless was that-

yet you shared with me.

I wished to hold your hand

and feel the warmth in your heart

as the shooting star sparkles out

to make my wish to be true;

A wish to be in heart and soul

with you forever